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"The definitive work on global warming.'"
Robert Skoglund, The Humble Farmer

"Amid all the ranting, confusing, and contradicting 

books on climate change, at last here's one that does something truly useful: clearly and engagingly, scientist Curt Stager guides us back into the atmosphere's history, letting us compare it to the present and draw informed ideas about what to expect in the future. It's heartening to know that he expects us to have one.”            
 Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us

    "This is like one of Jared Diamond's magisterial accounts, except set in the future, not the past."
Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature

Deep Future is a richly informative and deeply persuasive book -- one that will be relevant for generations.”
Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe

“Fascinating and measured -- at last someone is taking the long view”
Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet

 Tim Flannery, paleoecologist and author of The Weathermakers, calls Deep Future "extraordinary" and reviews it here for The Australian.

 A highly entertaining, carefully balanced, and deeply sobering look at our climate future."
William F. Ruddiman, climate scientist, author of Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum

"I highly recommend this book for believers and deniers alike." Adam Curry, Big App
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"A probing exploration of the impact of climate change   over geological time."
Starred review

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By now, most people have accepted that the Earth is warming and that human civilization has played the key role in causing climate to warm. Yet few of us realize the magnitude of what’s happened. The course we take in the coming decades will affect not just the next hundred years, but the next hundred thousand years of life on this planet. 

What will that world be like? In DEEP FUTURE, paleo-climatologist Curt Stager draws on geological history to provide a view of where we may be headed.  It will be the choices we make in this century that will affect that future more than any previous generation. We are living at the dawn of the Age of Humans; the only question is how long that Age will last.  
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2016 AAAS/SUBARU Prize
For Excellence in Science
Books         Commended Young Adult Science Book

FROM THE PROLOGUE: "You will follow your oxygen atoms through fire and water and from forests to your fingernails. Hydrogen atoms will wriggle into your hair and betray where you live and what you have been drinking. The carbon in your breath will become tree trunks, and the sodium in your tears will link you to long-dead oceans. The nitrogen in your muscles will help to turn the sky blue, the phosphorus in your bones will help to turn the coastal waters of North Carolina green, the calcium in your teeth will crush your food between atoms that were mined by mushrooms, and the iron in your blood will kill microbes as it once killed a star... You are not only made of atoms; you are atoms, and this book, in essence, is an atomic field guide to yourself."

"Curt Stager is the finest and most entertaining explainer I've ever come across. Read this book and I guarantee you that the world--and your own darned self--will look very different to you in the future.” —Bill McKibben, author Wandering Home

"Curt Stager is of a rare breed, a gifted scientist with the eyes of an artist and the heart of a poet. -Lee Billings, author of Five Billion Years of Solitude.

"Delightful alchemy; Curt Stager transforms atomic science into lustrous, golden stories about the hidden connections that unite us all." - David George Haskell, author of The Forest Unseen

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Field Notes from the Northern Forest
(Syracuse University Press)

     With the same humor and personable ease that characterizes the popular weekly nature program that he co-produces on North Country Public Radio, Curt Stager draws on the latest scientific literature and on his own observations to share his curiosity about the natural world. These twenty natural science essays take us down to ground level to explore the lives of animals, plants, and fungi commonly encountered in the forests of northeastern North America.

***** "Thoughtful, revelatory, entertaining." Stephen Daniels.

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Download a copy of "Climate Change in the Champlain Basin" (by Curt Stager & Mary Thill, 2010) from The Nature Conservancy's website here.


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